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In Brooklyn, every other day you gotta get up, get in your car, and move it to the other side of the street to avoid a ticket or possible towing.

Today was the first day I smiled about it.

Guess who’s adapting (at Brooklyn, New York)

"Preparation, meet opportunity."

It’s super official! I signed with management today. I’m just really excited for the future, ya know? Excited and prepared and ready to get to work. #wejustgettinstarted

"…when you play with skills, good luck could happen" -Shawn Carter (at Nani/Saperstein)

The gracious and amazing cast of @publictheaterny ‘s production of #TheFortressofSolitude took a minute out of their busy rehearsals to sing my beautiful mother a happy: birthday! @kyperbole , @adamchanlerberat , @onerebeccajones , @carladuren , The incomparable Andre DeShields, @iammambo, @brittonsmith12 , Allison Whitehurst, Conor Ryan, Bryan Tyree Henry, Juson Williams, and Kristen Sieh, πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— luv you guys!

Full link below:

Fortress of Solitude cast sings HappyBday:
(at The Public Theater)

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